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Eclipse. Eclipse.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The puzzles were well balanced and really matched the universe that involved them. Couldn't do part of it, but it's sort of late so I'll give myself a discount.

Really nice job, keep up.

Well, I actually haven't played it yet- but the game's name URGES me to leave a review. So here it is. I'll play it later to confirm my word, don't worry.

PS: Kittens.

Chubby Ninja Chubby Ninja

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty interesting, 'til you complete it

I really feel like the replayability of this is fairly low, you probably won't get all achievements on your first run but you're mostly sure to get all by the third (if you check which ones you are missing). After that the game becomes quite empty, which's literally what happens after 2500 meters - it turns into a simple repetitive task of going up and gathering gems, most enemies can be ignored. I flew up to 10km this way to check for any secret achievements and killed myself (no swords up there though), getting 3rd place in the top- which is depressing as I know passing the other two is horribly easy but terribly time-consuming (doing the same repetitive jump flying task for over an hour).
Otherwise it's pretty nifty.
7/10 rounded up to 4/5

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Them Coconuts Them Coconuts

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Sound: One pretty funny song+ a couple of effects that fit in pretty well- Even with only one song it's still not irritating. 8

Graphics: The game was executed in a very stylish way which matches its theme- 9

Execution: The game offers a decent level of difficulty- which's perfectly acceptable and easily surpassed- Some items feel weak for their price, having a short span of usefulness- Even when shooting with 3+ weapons in middle parts of the game. The speed at which new enemies appear increases the degree of repetition- the new ones also scale too fast in strength in comparison to the previous ones. 6

Fun game with entertaining effects and graphics.
Good to kill some time once or twice.
Different cooldowns + trajectories allows you to plan some microstrategies

Too long and repetitive (most people don't even know about the bosses)- I quit after wave 25.
No save system- Yet, I can't continue at wave 25.
Having to start at the beginning makes it boring to return to this game a second time.
Paid items are mediocre at best.

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LootMore LootMore

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty decently executed

The scoring part of the game is pretty much pointless, there's no highscore table, not even a local one.
Not being able to drop equipment reduces your capacity of finding stuff that's actually decent.
The equipment identification curve gets way behind the lore growth level later on.
After level 18 it becomes impossible to tell any armor apart. They're all "Exceptional".

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Da Pink Knight Da Pink Knight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

GUIDE-(Also, disappointing ending scene)-

The challenge added a lot to the overall composition, it was pretty damn possible but still took strategy, technique and practice... Still, I was really disappointed by the ending 'movie' which was executed in a sloppy way that really isn't worth all that battle.

Anyway, hints:
At level one- Don't try to hit him straight on, keep walking towards him and going down too. That way he'll miss his punch and you can go on and get 3 ground strikes or about 5 aerial ones if you can jump while walking. Repeat until you level.

At level two- Stand back and reflect the cannonballs, don't hold the button though as it will only make the bomb fly away instead of hitting the bot. Once you've reflected three of them right on his face it will be stunned, take that chance to beat the hell out of it, I strongly suggest aerial attacks.
-Note: You might skip to level 4 if you execute it correctly

At level three- Now he's got a strong, double, ranged attack. Yeah, you're pretty screwed... or not. Since you reached level two you acquired the ability to run, so repeat the process used on leve 1 while running, jump when you get close and aerial his metallic wooden head, try to fall close to his feet. Once you land check this: are you right over his feet or a little more far away? If you landed correctly, you can jump back to his face and pawn him again, otherwise quickly do a single jump away from him (you'll dodge a punch and still have time to jump again if he uses his saw attack).

Level 4- His new attack barely does anything, seriously. It's horribly easy to dodge and counter. When he starts to spin, walk to the bottom of the screen. Make sure that he won't hit you there on the first walk. Once he hits the invisible wall right in front of you, run towards it while it walks in the other direction, turn back and fill it with dayli... pink hearts.

Level 5(1)- Now he'll summon tiny knights, simply ignore them and repeat what you've learned for levels 4 and 5. ( you can kill the knights with magic when he spins if you wish)

Well, after you finish level 5(1) its armor will open. Rapidly beat that ugly pilot like there's no tomorrow, remember that you CAN'T reach it with ground attacks. Once it closes up again you'll delevel a bit, act according to the level you became.

Once you level to 5 again you might go to 5(1), but if you really hit it hard you'll go to 5(2).

Level 5(2)- Now it summons knights and shoots spiky things, which turn into weird blob creatures. Don't let the spikes hit you! Try to deflect them if you can, once they hit the floor they can't be killed and will turn into blobs. Avoid blobs and knights, deflect spikes (or dodge ifyou can) and repeat 5(1).

You might have to repeat level 5 a few times, but once you're done... you'll be done :D

I'm rounding it up to 5 stars~

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MindChamber responds:

awesome review man, and sorry about that lame end scene